Variable's Photoshoot

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It was fun figuring out how to get this men's fashion photoshoot done. Jon has organized photoshoots for Variable and Atomic before, and he always tries to make them entertaining for everyone. To do this you need a great photographer, fun geek chic models, and of course a drink or two!

Not My First Rodeo

Although it feels like a thousand years ago, Jon used to model on the side when he was short on circus jobs. It's different being behind the camera instead of in front of it.



Jon was having problems picking the right men's fashion models, so he left it up to Facebook! After asking his friends for help he got over 20 geek chic suggestions. He ended up going with Nigel and Allen.


Blue Steel!

After our basic product shots, we decided to get our geek on with more fun themed shots! "What's that!! Is that an Alien spaceship?!?! How is it just hovering there? Have they learned how to manipulate the graviton particle, making their ship outside the influence of Gravity!?!?"

Our Photographer

The photographer was our dear friend Bernie, who not only takes amazing pictures, but also does hair, makeup, and owns Salon Sweet William in Montreal where we did the shoot.



Lots to do! We set up the lights, did hair and makeup, and dressed the models in our geek chic attire. The suit jackets that Jon brought were WAY to big (I guess he has put on weight since his circus days). We had to do the shoot with just the shirts.



And of course a bit of champagne and circus tricks! Now we just have to launch our Kickstarter! We're shooting to launch July 28th!... stay tuned!