Designing our Shirts!

by Variable Fashion

What inspired our shirt designs? Here is how we made our Calculus shirt.



The calculus shirt was inspired by our friend Mikhail's homework. He is a math masters student at McGill University. Our designer was mesmerized by his handwriting and started this project by taking this photo of his homework. 


Printing Fabric for the Sample

We took the image to our silk-screener to print onto the fabric. We used a pretty metalic silver paint to add a bit of shine. 


Designed and drawn by Wilber, this was our first draft of the Calculus shirt. We ended up liking the print on the pants more than the shirt! We decided to base the shirt design off the pants. Also, I think Wilber subconsciously made the sketch look like a Mikhail.


Importing Design into Photoshop

Mikhail wrote his formulas again on white paper to aid in the importing process. We then scanned these formulas and imported them into photoshop. Inside photoshop we did select=>color range to select and delete all the white space. The formulas were then arranged to create a solid pattern


Back in the studio, Wilber made a pattern, cut out pieces and sewed our first shirt!

Photo Shoot!

Once the sample is complete, we had a photo shoot with the amazing Bernardo Fernandez, a friend who not only is a photographer but also a stylist, make-up artist and co-owner of the Salon Sweet William in Montreal.